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The Energetic Path to Infinite Love

The quality of our lives depends upon our vibratory spectrum, the frequency of our energy signature in every moment. Energy can change dramatically instantaneously, although changes usually happen gradually. For us, it all depends upon what we believe is possible. Energetically every moment holds infinite possibilities, but only the ones within our belief structure will materialize in our experience. We won’t recognize anything else.

The quality of our state of being creates experiences that will stimulate the feelings we will experience. In our emotional being, it doesn’t matter what we are facing except for how it feels. That feeling tells us the vibratory quality of the energy that is present. We can either align with that vibration or let it pass through our consciousness like radio waves on a channel that we’re not tuned into. In this perspective we can be in our own emotional level while being aware of outer situations. These we allow to be as they are without judgment or desire, so that we may interact out of our perspective of joy and compassion.

We can align ourselves with the conscious flow of life force from the Being of the Creator. We know this energy by how it feels. It always feels good and can be intensified to be as ecstatic as we can handle. It is the constant flow of unconditional love into and all around us everywhere. It can be felt by those who desire to be aware of it, and it opens and expands our awareness, always by our choice.

We can become seekers of higher vibrations of being. This means higher frequencies of thoughts and imaginings and elevated emotions. If we can create wonderful scenarios in our imagination and align with high vibratory feelings, so that our entire energetic being resonates at high frequencies, we naturally radiate our vibratory pattern into the quantum field in every moment for the creation of the high quality of our experiences. Our sense of being becomes unlimited. We begin to live with the guidance of intuition, which comes to us personally in our life force from the consciousness of the Creator, and is felt emotionally and translated by our intuition for us to understand and know. This is how we know all of life’s secrets and everything we need to be aware of.

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