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The Emergence of Our Inner Power

Whatever we experience in our lives is what we have created by the radiance of our personal energy signature. Life appears to happen on an empirical level, but really the physical world is only our human consciousness interpreting the qualities of vibrations of the energy patterns that we encounter in the quantum field of all potentialities. The energy that we encounter is attracted to us by our own vibratory patterns, which are determined by our thoughts and emotions and limited by our beliefs.

We are the masters of our lives. We are constantly creating the qualities of our experiences with the focus of our attention and the projection of our emotions. We are enveloped in a plasma energy field that constantly interacts with us. We can’t see it or feel it, but its invisible presence brings into manifestation in our lives everything that we experience through electrical and magnetic polarities.

Our physical bodies operate by electrical impulses stimulated by our conscious and subconscious thoughts. Our emotional bodies operate by magnetic impulses emitted by how we feel in every moment. Our thoughts and feelings are uniquely ours. Nothing outside of ourselves can control them. They are aspects of our free will. They can be elicited by our physical experiences, but we are not compelled to respond in any specific way. We are completely free in our own Being.

Quantum physics has shown us that all conscious beings constantly arise beyond space and time from the essence of the universal consciousness that expresses itself as the quantum field of all possible energy patterns that can manifest in our experience. We participate in this consciousness and have in our own true essence all of the abilities inherent in universal consciousness. In our essential Being, we are unlimited in every way, and we can awaken from our compartmentalized conscious awareness in the world of our current human experience to the unlimited world of universal consciousness that holds our expanded personal identity.

By resolving our self-imposed limitations that we have assumed in order to have a human experience on this planet, we can open ourselves to expanded conscious awareness. In this way we can understand everything that happens in our lives as a result of our own mental and emotional attractions. If we feel restricted in any way by governments or any authorities outside of our own Being, their mandates exist for us only as stimulants for us to awaken to our own true essence. By maintaining a high-vibration perspective of compassionate understanding, gratitude and love, we can resolve all low-vibrating energies that we encounter. It is time for us to stand in our innate personal power, which cannot be challenged. We can create whatever vibrations we need and desire to manifest in our experience.

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