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The Divine Purpose of Evil

The nature of evil is destruction of our life and vitality, usually through pain and suffering. Evil separates us in our consciousness from the Source of our life and keeps us from experiencing the true essence of our Being. Evil is parasitical toward all life forms. It is part of an imaginary world that we have created and maintained through our conscious awareness, which feeds our life force into negatively-polarized-and-charged, low-frequency energetic patterns of experience. The deeper into evil that our focus can take us, the more sinister and torturous it becomes.

We have had lifetimes dedicated to thoroughly experiencing the depths of evil. In our real Selves, we could never experience or even want to imagine such energetic patterns. As Self-Realized beings of eternal, free-will awareness, we could not take threats seriously, because they’re too obviously illusory. We wanted to deepen our experience in all ways, to expand the presence of love and compassion. That meant having to experience seriously living within a negative, low-frequency band of vibrations. We now know that experience thoroughly. At some point, we’re ready to move on to better things.

Meanwhile, we can be focused on realigning ourselves with Creator consciousness. Dealing with evil is a necessary element here. In the illusory world of humanity, we can be successful in this by intentionally aligning our focus of attention with our intuitive knowing. By delving ever deeper into our intuition, we can come to a full realization of who we are in a higher-dimensional reality. It is here that we can recognize the unreality of the negative realm. Its energy patterns have no divine life force, except for our own contributions through our shame, guilt and fear. We felt all of this in order to deepen our compassion and understanding in the expansion of our consciousness. We now know what we, in our expansive Being, could not have been capable of knowing. In our unlimited creativity, we have a deeper understanding of how to use our attention and focus.

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