The Danger of Being Against Evil

Quantum physics has proved that electromagnetic wave patterns become material when we observe them. If we don’t give them our attention, they continue as wave patterns in the quantum field of all potentialities. To this extent we are creators. Our recognition brings into our empirical experience anything we can intend to see. This occurs in every spectrum of vibration where we are consciously aware. Everything out to infinity is available to us. The quantum field contains all potentialities—everything that could possibly happen anywhere. We bring into our reality what we recognize.

Many movements around the world have been uprisings against mistreatment and enslavement. What happens with the energy of uprisings? It always works the same way. Those in control of the population trick the people into allowing themselves to be controlled. Then they become parasites until there is nothing left of the victims. Along the way the victims occasionally rebel. The heightened energy of the life force of the victims is creating more powerful energy for the focus of their attention-- the energy of the oppressor, because the people recognize the reality of the oppressor and give it their life force through their anger and fear.

There is nothing keeping the victims from disappearing from the parasites vibrationally. It is only their internal programming that keeps them enthralled. What can the victims do to escape? They can stop recognizing the oppressor and withhold their life force. The oppressor loses energy and disappears. The people can imagine themselves in a different world, a world of light and love and joy. If they can hold this focus, they no longer are attractive to the lower-vibrational beings. The magnetism has shifted and the energy signatures of the victims have risen in vibration into freedom. The visions of the people are their recognition of the component energies in the quantum field, which brings the vibration of the visions into materialization in their experience.

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