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The Creative Urge

Let’s create our perfect situation, and let’s extend it to our community. It will be peaceful, beautiful, healthful, colorful, and bright. We will interact with one another in love, compassion and gratitude. We will live in abundance and beauty. We will all know in our deepest being that we are aspects of the One Creator, all of whose consciousness is shared with us. We have access to all of the Creator’s abilities. We are each infinitely powerful creators, when we express unconditional love and joy. This is our natural world.

We get there through our imagination and emotions. And we arrive after we have convinced ourselves completely that we are in this imaginary realm. When we can recognize this realm of beauty and joy, and feel that we are in it, we have created it and are inhabiting it.

This process requires clarity on our part, and a strong intention. We will confront our deepest fears and ancient terrors, which have been hidden from us to protect our egos. They live deep in our subconscious memory, accompanied by deep shame, rage and extreme emotions that we don’t even know we have, cutting off much of the life force flowing to us from our Source. These memories must be recognized and dissolved. We can thank our subconscious self for protecting our ego by placing these limitations on our awareness. We can forgive ourselves for whatever we were responsible for in the past and replace our shame and terror and other fears with the unconditional love of our heart energy. We were doing our best to survive while feeling separated from our Creator.

Once we have cleared our consciousness of blocks to our awareness, we can allow ourselves the enjoyment of a wonderful life and know that we have arrived in a higher dimension of energy. Here we are in alignment with the unconditional love of our Source, which flows constantly into our hearts.

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