The Attraction of the Inward Journey

We designed the human experience to disable our connection to higher consciousness in order to make our lives here dramatic and impactful. We wanted to gain deep compassion and understanding of a greater spectrum of awareness than we could have as higher-dimensional Beings. In order to become aware of our true identity, we must intentionally achieve it from within the human compartmentalized consciousness.

Our abilities for this inner journey are our creative imagination and our emotions. We are also the creators of the quality of our experiences through our modulation of energy patterns with our thoughts and emotions. At some point in our personal evolution, we feel that there is more to life than we have been aware of. We begin to become aware of greater compassion and understanding. We begin to notice how we feel about everything, and we become attracted to more life-enhancing situations and people.

As we open ourselves to higher-frequency, positive experiences, our lives begin to feel better. There’s more love and kindness in everyone around us and more abundance and freedom in our lives. It all depends upon how we filter our awareness with our beliefs and perspectives. There is always a higher truth to recognize in every situation. Resonant frequencies occur in octaves, and there are vibrational patterns in a higher dimensional spectrum in every aspect of life. We can be aware of these levels.

Realizations come from the consciousness at the heart of our Being, when we are open to them. This is our intuitive knowing, and it is our higher Self guiding us in the way that we can best understand. Because we have lived within a compartment of our consciousness, we have to recognize our self-imposed limitations and resolve them.

We can be unlimited in our imagination and feelings. By intentionally imagining and feeling ourselves living in scenarios that feel really good with high vibrations, we become able to transform the polarity in each situation from negative to positive and maintain a perspective of compassionate wisdom and joy. By elevating our own energy signature, we also elevate the frequency levels of humanity, as our personal radiance grows in vitality and clarity. As our sense of compassion grows, we gradually move into awareness of the singularity of universal consciousness. We are all One Being, acting out our roles for the greatest experiences of all.

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