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The Attraction of Deep Inner Awareness

When we wish to participate in a greater way of living, we can go into a serene and inspiring space. While breathing deeply, slowly and rhythmically, we can calm our mind down a few octaves in activity so that we can enter a theta level of brain waves. Calm, inspiring music can be helpful, but as we deepen our awareness, we may want to transcend it and go beyond its vibratory level. Here we are free of our body awareness and can experience what we imagine and feel. We have control of our attention, which we can direct inward to our deepest consciousness. This is where we can know and feel our essence in union with the Infinite. If we desire it to be, this can be a state of complete transformation.


We can be in theta state as long as we can hold the vibration of unconditional love, deepest gratitude and joy in alignment with the energetic expression flowing through the heart of our Being. This is a kind of meditative trance that disables our participation in the body consciousness of the ego, but it opens our awareness in ways that we cannot imagine in ego consciousness. Accessing this awareness often gives us access to what we truly know about ourselves and our presence here. We can realize our unity in essence with the consciousness that creates everything.


When we practice enough and learn to control our mental processes and the focus of our attention, we can open ourselves to knowing everything and being able to create whatever we desire. This ability appears when we can keep our personal vibrations in alignment with Creator consciousness. It means becoming aware of our inner connection with infinite consciousness. We all have it, and it requires our attention and appreciation in alignment with its life-enhancing energies. We can learn to create in alignment with the consciousness of the Creator in deepest love and joy in every situation and imaginary scenario. We can live in these vibrations while also living in the world of human experience.


 While living in this spectrum of energetics, we can invite the world of our experience to change in alignment with who we know we are. To the extent that we lose our focus and go into fear or doubt, we create negative experiences. If we can confront these with gratitude for the lessons of experiencing what we created, we can feel beyond the realm of limiting beliefs and open our awareness to the Consciousness of the Creator. Once we know the presence of this awareness, we can no longer be threatened. Negativity exists only in the dualistic realm of good and evil and is absent in the realm of love and joy. These are different levels of energetics and are separated by their polarity.


As we enter the realm of divine awareness, every aspect of our lives becomes brighter and more vibrant. We can be on the journey inward to self-control and expansion into infinite consciousness. The only force that may keep us from this awareness is the limiting belief system that we have acquired, and which we must resolve and transcend in order to become true expressions of divine consciousness with infinite creative ability.

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22 dec. 2023
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🌼 very beautifully put! Thank you for all your beautiful blog posts, they are always helpful and uplifting! 🌻 sending you tons of love and kisses! 🌀 love the new photos! Brilliant! 💫

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