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Suicide and What It’s About

My intuitive perspective is that suicide is neutral in itself. The human soul plans all of the experiences that it feels that it needs, as well as what it wants, prior to incarnation. If a person decided that incarnated life is too difficult, it is because they are not following the guidance of their heart on the deepest level and highest vibration that they are capable of realizing. They have diverted too far from their life’s purpose, and they need an abrupt awakening. We all receive inner guidance all the time, but most of us only follow it occasionally. If we don’t know how to feel our way into the energy of our heart in its highest-frequency spectrum, we are being called to go there.

A person with a severe block to being aware of his/her inner guidance and his/her true being, somehow needs to recognize his/her deepest fears and traumas with compassion and forgiveness, including to him/herself for getting sucked into fear and dread, which are very low frequency emotions that (s)he needs to transform with love. (S)He needs to move beyond all of that to realize that (s)he is complete in her/himself as a divine being, who is constantly being perfectly guided. This is the path of us all. Sometimes some of us need a breather, before we have another go at it.

We are the same being, whether in or out of the physical body. We are energy beings, each with a unique energy signature, which determines the quality of experiences in our lives. We are capable of exploring the consciousness of the Creator, encompassing the entire cosmos and more. We are the aspects of the Creator that provide experiences in whatever dimension we are in. We are creator beings. That is what we were created to be. We are constantly creating experiences through the radiation of our energy signature, which attracts experiences that vibrate within the same spectrum of frequencies.

We all get to experience whatever kind of life is appropriate for our predominant emotional state, and we have free choice about what we decide to feel. We use our emotions creatively all the time, but some of us do not realize this yet and continue just to react. We can change our life whenever we want just by imagining a world that we would love to live in and feeling passionately what we would feel in that world. Dream like this whenever appropriate. The more we do this, the easier it becomes for us to believe that it’s real, and that we’re in it. That is making a leap in consciousness to another dimension, and everything changes. Any of us can do this at any time.

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