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Successfully Transcending Chaos

A Japanese samurai master was once asked by one of his students how he would handle being ambushed by a powerful group of thieves and murderers. His answer: I wouldn’t be there. This is how energy works. The master lives in a vibratory level of intuitive knowing and is not subject to assault by negative, lower vibratory scenarios. By our nature, we are the masters of our lives, when we open ourselves to our own higher guidance.

In order to be sensitive to our intuition, we need to be sensitive to positive, high vibratory energy patterns, because this is the energetic spectrum of our intuition. This is the realm of love and joy. It is our eternal Self-awareness. There is no doubt or fear feeding our life force to anything. There is only confidence and knowing. All of this occurs when we shift from negative to positive, from fear to love.

Everything that happens in our lives is a result of our personal creation, with a backdrop of the creations of all of humanity, but the chaos around us is unimportant. When we are heart-centered, our personal experience can be multidimensional. We can live in a positive, high-vibratory state of Being, while also interacting within humanity’s vibratory spectrum. When we encounter others, we can recognize and interact only with the light in everyone. We all receive the conscious life force of the Creator constantly, and we decide what to do with it.

Because of our training and programming, we have developed beliefs that keep us from knowing our real abilities. Can we believe that each of us can create universes? In our true Being, we are unlimited. Perhaps we may want to drop all of our beliefs about ourselves and move into the realm of unconditional love and ecstasy in the universal consciousness of the Creator. The human ego cannot fathom any of this, because it is a creature of our limiting beliefs, whom we needed for a convincing experience in the realm of duality. We can love our ego and be grateful for its assistance in this world, but the ego is not us.

Once we open ourselves to Positive polarity completely, we can transcend our limitations through our intuitive knowing. We can befriend our Innate body consciousness and cooperate in physical regeneration and growing vitality. Through our intuition, we can work intentionally with the forces of nature and all of Gaia for the enhancement of life everywhere.

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