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Staying in the Love Vibration

When we become concerned and angry about our contrived human condition, we will continue to give our life force to the conditions and people that we oppose through our energetic alignment with them. We may realize that we are always expressing the vibratory quality of our thoughts and emotions. This expression creates our personal energy signature, which is our predominant frequency that creates the quality of our experiences.

Unknowingly, we are the masters of our lives. If we think of life as continuous encounters with energy patterns of all kinds, we can choose which ones to recognize and focus on. We can understand how we create our reality by radiating our energy signatures into the quantum field, where we attract energy patterns that align with our vibration and repel those that don’t. Our emotions are magnetic with our own polarity, in combination with our imagination’s electrical polarities. We attract and are attracted to resonant energy patterns. In our empirical world, these energy patterns come into our recognition as material experiences. Those innumerable energy patterns, that we do not recognize in the quantum field, do not become part of our experience.

Our bodies radiate our electromagnetic frequencies and polarities. By paying attention to our subtle, deep feelings, we can know everything we need to know in each moment. This comes by being aware of the frequencies of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. By paying attention to those feelings, we can use our imagination to elicit high-vibration experiences. Our personal vibratory spectrum attracts and manifests the quality of our experiences. By raising our energetic frequencies, we become capable of creating miracles.

Once we realize our mastery of energetics as a spiritual practice, we can discipline ourselves to hold a high-frequency perspective in all encounters. This transforms any low-vibration energy in our experiences into alignment with us, or it disappears from our experience. Once our focus stays in the love vibration, that is what we are continuously creating for our experiences.

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