Self-Recognition and Realization

At some point we all realize that we are more than we have recognized ourselves to be. Often this doesn’t happen until near death, when we become aware of our being beyond the physical body. Some of us naturally have abilities to travel in our awareness beyond the body. Some of us have the ability to read the thoughts of others, to feel the emotions of others, to communicate telepathically and to manipulate objects with thoughts. The great seers, magicians and masters have demonstrated unlimited creative abilities.

Why are the rest of us stuck in our physical presence and awareness? It is because we have chosen to experience the limitations of life in this dimension of energy, in order to experience what it is like to know and feel everything that is available to us here. This is where we can live in the low-vibrational world of the dark energy of fear, victimhood and limitations of all kinds. In our participation with the consciousness of humanity, we continuously create and recreate this world by our recognition, imagination and emotional involvement in it.

Our experiences here are all lessons in awareness and being. When we decide that we’ve had enough experience in this dimension, we’re ready to awaken to our true essence. Knowing our real being would not allow us to experience the seeming reality of our Earth experiences. In order to perceive the empirical world as real, we have created limiting beliefs that enable its reality, and in this way our consciousness interprets this spectrum of energy as stimulation of our senses. We’ve done a masterful job at this.

Our consciousness is inherently unlimited, and is the essence of our infinite Being. Quantum physics has proved this on a micro level, and we can extend this to the macro level, because all that exists is energy, and all energy operates by the same consciousness. We express ourselves as configurations of electromagnetic energy in the quantum field of all potentialities. We can create whatever we focus our attention on. All energy patterns become material in our experience, when we recognize them. Every possible energy pattern exists in the quantum field, ready for our recognition and awareness.

By resolving all of our limiting beliefs about ourselves, and recognizing our participation in a higher-vibrational dimension of love, light and joy, we can realize who we really are and become masters of life in all dimensions.

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