The most important question we ask is, “Who Am I?” The answer to this question determines everything we recognize about ourselves. How does a conscious being understand itself? Most of us perceive physical, mental and emotional experiences that we regard as reality in a specific spectrum of energy. We know that we are aware of those vibrations in our being. This is the operation of our self-consciousness. We are free to have as many kinds of experiences as we choose. We have the opportunity to dive into the depths of darkness and to ascend into divinity, and many of us have gone through that entire spectrum of energy. We know the difference and identity of all of the vibrations through our feelings. Our feelings operate within our energy signature to radiate our state of being. They can also carry our consciousness into vibrations of love and magical wonder. We can use them intentionally to be in a joyous and loving frequency range. This is an act of creation as well as experience.

When we are emotionally, physically and mentally neutral, we realize a wide spectrum of awareness that can go as far as we are willing to recognize. We can expand our consciousness possibly to infinity, if we are willing to go there. The journey is along higher and higher frequencies of being, which are greater expansion of awareness and creative ability. As we learn to focus our attention entirely into an intentional, emotional state of being, we empower our imagined scenario with our life force. This is powerful creative ability that manifests quickly into experience in the same spectrum of energy.

This is all part of who we are. We have absolute control of our awareness. Some of us have to struggle to get to this place, but we can all attain it, and as more of us get this, it becomes easier for others. We are sovereign beings of self-conscious awareness that can expand possibly to infinity in realms of nearly unmeasurable high frequencies that we can feel emotionally. The launch pad into this realm is intentionally being in the highest frequency range that we can imagine, the deepest love, the greatest joy and compassion, the most dramatically beautiful. We can live in this energy now.

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