Self Examination from a High-Frequency Perspective

We are to question everything we think and feel about ourselves. We are searching for love and joy in every thought and emotion regarding ourselves. How bright is our inner light? Do we stand tall in personal integrity? Do we find ourselves in dark situations of fear on some level? Do we react to negative energy by matching it, or do we feel compassion and stay in joy and love? Do we blame anyone else for the situation we have created, or are we consciously present? What limits do we place upon our awareness unconsciously, things that we consider unbelievable or even unimaginable?

In the realm of love and joy, the limits are much farther out than we’ve been aware of. Moments of ecstasy wash over us. Here we understand that the flow of our life force is moving humanity toward this realm. Every situation has a higher dimension, which gives us awareness of the larger flow of energy, beyond empirical impressions.

Here we know deep compassion for our egos, which have done their absolute best to protect and enhance the persons that the egos think we are. Our egos are persistent, but without true wisdom. They must be subject to the energy of the heart and know that they are completely safe and well-cared-for. The energy of the heart is abundant, vibrant life. The person is completely safe and filled with joy in the higher dimensions. We can dissolve all negative, low-vibration energy just by withdrawing our life force as we no longer have low frequencies in our attention. Anything that is not of love, does not exist here. Our imagination expands tremendously, along with our conscious awareness. We are living in the divine flow of our Creator.

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