Self-Development of Personal Awareness

We are here to develop ourselves to the fullest and to raise the resonant frequencies of humanity into greater light and love. It is what we know deep in our consciousness. It’s what we know intuitively in the energy of the heart of our Being. We are at home in the high-frequency vibrations that envelop us. We know the feeling of the deepest, purest love. We know great joy. These are the feelings that guide us into our awareness within universal consciousness. This is where we live in the essence of our true personal Being.

We are our present awareness, expressing ourselves as our personal energy signatures. These manifest as the quality of our personal experiences within the spectrum of the energy frequencies of humanity. This is our current fixation. It is what we are being drawn to transform into alignment with high-frequency thoughts and emotional patterns based in love. We can do this by understanding the flow of life that we experience.

Each of us has predominant thoughts and feelings about our experiences. These thoughts and feelings are constantly creating our qualities of life by their patterns of vibrating frequencies. To raise our vibrations and quality of life, we can use our imagination and emotions to respond to our inner intuitive prompting. We can create what we intuitively feel that we need. We magnetically attract the resonant energy patterns that we recognize as our fulfillment.

We’ve been here for all the energies we could experience. Our emotions are sensitive to vibrations and always convey to our awareness the nature of the energy confronting us. We know immediately if it is of fear or of love. These are primary distinctions for our recognition. If the energy is of love, we can easily flow with it. If it is of fear, it can be transformed or dissolved. We can transform it by continuing to vibrate at high frequencies, encountering others from a perspective of compassionate wisdom, love, gratitude and joy.

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