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Rising Human Destiny

Now that quantum physics has identified universal consciousness as reality, we can know that our potential awareness is universal, and that all conscious beings are intimately connected in the same field of consciousness. In essence we are every conscious being, and we can intuitively and telepathically connect with all beings everywhere. That includes snails and whales and everyone in between. Some of us have achieved this, as we awaken to our true Being. The destiny of humanity is Being our true Selves.

Humanity currently holds the vibratory spectrum of the human matrix in our collective consciousness. We are constantly creating it by modulating the energy patterns that we encounter with our own attention, within the limits of our beliefs and perspectives, which are all based on fear of some Kind.

We are getting closer to our essential Being, whom most humans cannot yet even imagine, having been deeply misled. By focusing on high-vibration scenarios with our thoughts and feelings, we can participate in a higher quality of life in every way. We are beings of light. We emit radiant biophotons comprising our aura and presenting our presence of being in the quantum field. Our aura is the radiance of our energy signature.

Life in the human matrix on this planet is coming to an end in its current vibratory level. As the resonant frequency of the Earth rises, as it is doing now, all conscious life on this planet must be in alignment. If any conscious entity does not raise its frequency in resonance with the Earth, its vibratory frequency will become unstable and dissolve.

Every human has a choice of what vibratory level to live on. Without awakening to true Being, that choice will be very limited because of humanity’s beliefs about our identity. In our own consciousness we can resolve these limiting beliefs through a perspective of compassionate wisdom. Our ego can relax and enjoy being an expression of an infinite and eternal Being.

The species consciousness of humanity by design is destined to create a higher dimension of reality. This is a natural expression of the jump in vibration of humanity’s energy signature that will align with the increasing vibratory frequency of the Earth. The most powerful life current that is expressed through the quantum field is rising in frequency toward our realization of unconditional love and joy. We are allowing the low-vibration realm to disappear, as we withdraw our life force through our attention, which we can give to high-vibration feelings and awareness.

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