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Rising Earth Resonance Alignment

As the resonant energy frequency of the Spirit of the Earth continues rising, the lower vibrations are becoming unstable, having cut themselves off from most of their life force through their consciousness blocks held in place by their powerful belief in evil. The dark ones are losing their life force and are desperate to survive. We can be compassionate with them, while we maintain the perspective of our highest vibrations and radiate love and wisdom. We invite the energy of every person or circumstance to come into alignment with higher vibrations or disappear from our awareness, as we withdraw the support of our life force from low-vibration energy patterns. Any frequency not in alignment with love and joy is being transformed. The vacuum fluctuation of the quantum field is moving in higher frequencies. Lower-frequency energies cannot withstand the change and must either come into alignment with elevated being or disappear. Their only reality is the focus of our attention. Without our recognition, they cannot exist, except as passing wave patterns in a dimension different from ours.

Humanity is fixated on the empirical spectrum and is in a hypnotic trance, but doesn’t realize it yet. Working with quantum energetics is semi-empirical. It observes how the smallest empirical particles act, and has shown that they display infinite awareness, and they operate outside of time and space. This means that we’re made of materials that don’t exist in the world that we perceive. It negates the solidity of our material world. What’s left of the empirical world is our belief in its reality.

We can transform our personal experience, regardless of what situation we’re in or enveloped within. We can be guided by our intuition, which is what we most deeply know without any fear, only love. This is where our love is true, with gratitude and joy. By holding this elevated spectrum of vibrations, we are modulating the energy that we confront in our awareness. This results in elevated experiences for us, regardless of what anyone else may be experiencing.

We are being freed from third-dimensional energy. We only need to open our awareness to higher frequency feelings and visions. We know when we’re expanding, and this is the energy spectrum that we’re being attracted to. We can be free of personal drama and insecurities. We can stop recognizing them. We innately know love and compassion deep within. Without fear of any kind, we are naturally expansive as our vibrations rise. We can become brighter and more radiant. We can be aware of our constant creative ability, and we can use the power of our focus of attention to modulate increasingly higher energies, which we know through our emotions.

The higher we go, the better we feel. It’s all relative to our perspective. We can be resolute in our increasing vibratory spectrum, always being aware of the energy of love and recognizing it in everyone. This is the energy that fulfills everyone and everything. We are expanding far beyond humanity’s current energy spectrum. It works by constantly feeling better in gratitude for our self-aware being.

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