Resolving Our Limitations

Prior to mastering life in this dimension, we must resolve all emotional knots and limiting beliefs. We’ve acquired them through contracts that we made prior to incarnation, together with coping with difficult and potentially lethal situations in this lifetime. Our limitations keep us locked within the spectrum of fear. We could never escape the prospect of termination, which, humans believe, is going to end our conscious existence. Some of us have taken enough consciousness-altering plants, or meditated deeply enough, or have witnessed a number of peaceful death-bed transitions, that we know that we continue in our consciousness, regardless of whether we have a body or not. Belief in mortality beyond the body is the primary limitation that we must resolve in order to live beyond fear.

Watching videos of people who have come back from the dead and reading books of their accounts can be helpful in penetrating the truth of our Being. Studying quantum physics experiments may be helpful, especially those that led physicists to conclude that consciousness is the source of everything, and there is one consciousness that is universal. We participate in universal consciousness as much as we are willing to realize. Full realization comes by being our eternal presence of awareness.

The process of awakening to our true personal identity beyond our present awareness, can be assisted by convincing our ego that our consciousness exists beyond time and space and also includes time and space in the empirical dimension. It is in this vibratory spectrum that mortality appears. Everything here dissolves and is created trillions of times a second out of the unified quantum field of universal consciousness. In the empirical spectrum, this process appears to stop at the death of the body.

The energy patterns of our consciousness do not disappear, they change into a different dimension of frequencies, and the patterns are more ethereal and more easily modulated by our creativity. Here mortality does not exist. We recognize our eternal Self, our consciousness expanded beyond time and space. We realize that we are unlimited in our awareness and creative ability. We are the Creator, and the Creator consciousness experiences through us. We are designed to create experiences. This is why it is important to imagine and feel grateful, loving and compassionate in every interaction and confrontation. Doing this in our current world may get us battered for a while, but we can live in a world of high vibrations by creating it in our present awareness. This attracts compatible energy patterns that become our experiences.

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