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Resolving Our Issues

The human resonant frequency is a limitation for us, but we can reach for the outer edge of human consciousness, if we intend to raise our frequency. We can achieve complete clarity of mind and emotion by paying attention to what arises in us when we’re challenged or threatened. If we examine the belief that comes up, we can resolve it, through acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness and love.

We are all actors in a drama, playing roles that we’ve agreed to play. The entire scene is a complex pattern of electromagnetic waves that our consciousness interprets as our empirical reality. Determined by the vibrations of our personal energy signature, the qualities of our experiences manifest our energetic presence, vibrating at the level of our predominant thoughts and feelings. The qualities of everything we create are determined by our emotional vibratory pattern and our polarity between life-enhancing and life-diminishing energies.

We have become emotionally attached to our accustomed way of life and all of the people we feel close to. This is a magnetic attraction that holds us at the conscious level of resonance of those we’re attached to. As long as we feel attached, we will not change our awareness. The qualities of everything we create are modulated by our emotional vibrations. This is our magnetic alignment ability, attracting resonant patterns of experiences.

When we are clear, we can truly love without attachment. When we’re ready to detach ourselves completely from everyone and everything that we have been attached to, we can make the leap deeply into the positive polarity, high-vibration level of love. In this state of being, we are aware of our intuition in a very sensitive way, and we are guided in every moment. We do not make plans, because we always know what to do. We become able to play our roles by listening to our inner teleprompter. We are active participants in the human drama, and we can change scenes and actors at will.

By resolving all of our limiting beliefs, based in life-diminishing energies, we can open ourselves to unlimited freedom of awareness, moving into universal consciousness and our identification with the Being of the Creator, out of whom everyone and everything constantly arise.

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