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Resolving Our Barriers to Higher Consciousness

We have been accustomed to thinking of ourselves as subject to our circumstances and to what others do to us. We have recognized through our senses, that reality exists outside of ourselves, and that other people, animals and things are different beings from us. We have learned that life happens to us, and that we must do our best to survive and thrive by the intelligence and skill of our ego consciousness.

If we feel a lack of love or abundance or joy in our lives, it is always because we are self-limiting the flow of life force that we are designed to enjoy. We may not know how we are causing ourselves to suffer lack in anything, but we can open ourselves to fulfillment whenever we are ready. We do not need help from anyone else. This is a personal transformation that must occur for each of us. It is a matter of remembering and realizing the truth of who we are in our most expanded essence beyond time and space.

Quantum sciences have determined that everything that exists is conscious. Everything is composed of sub-atomic particles/waves that display universal consciousness. Water molecules have shown a wide range of conscious responses to human actions and thoughts. All plants display emotions and vitality depending upon the energetic frequencies in their environment. Animals are the most vibrant in their feelings and interactions. We humans have been the most destructive and thoughtless in our interactions, because we’ve been focused on experiencing low-vibratory energy patterns in our mutually-created, self-limiting environment of the empirical world. We have struggled for survival apart from our higher guidance, which we have ignored.

We are so much more than human beings. We are constantly being created and enlivened in the essence of the consciousness of the universal Creator. We are the masters of life, constantly creating the qualities of our experiences according to our personal beliefs and preferences. We can learn how to focus our attention intentionally on the quality of energetic patterns that feel best to us. We can intentionally cut off our attractions and connections with destructive energetic patterns and replace them with high-frequency visions and feelings of personal fulfillment. Instead of living by hollow intent, we have the ability to create wonderful and fulfilling lives through our recognition and feeling for greater awareness of love and vitality.

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