Resolving Low-Vibration Energy

We have deeply-held fears that we must resolve, because they keep us from feeling the energy of our heart. And they have made us feel unworthy of deep love and joy and prosperity. We can’t drag our identification with these energies into a higher dimension, but we can be open to new feelings that are better than we’re accustomed to.

If we identify ourselves as unworthy, our subconscious does not allow us to experience that higher frequency. Our frequency needs adjustment in our belief about ourselves. Our frequency is a combination of energy patterns of what we see, feel, think about, imagine and experience. We can choose what we focus on, think about and imagine. We can be aware of our feelings all the time. They recognize the quality of every experience and can be used to change our vibratory frequency. Resolving our unworthiness and changing our perspective to Joy is life-transforming, If we want to do it.

Feelings of unworthiness, shame, anger, and victimization all originate from the compartmentalization of our consciousness. We believe that we are the confined beings that live in our bodies and are subject to all manner of indignities and ultimately death. Our bodies are an expression of our consciousness and are continuously created in each moment. We needed these low-vibration beliefs to enable us to explore dark energy in its most convincing way. When we feel that we’re ready for the truth of our Being, we can critically examine those beliefs and open ourselves to expanded awareness.

From the perspective of quantum physics, what is needed is focus on higher visions and emotions. We are completely self-determined beings. Our perspective and the quality of our experiences are completely created in our own consciousness. We can raise the frequency of our energy signatures. We can intend to be compassionate and kind in interacting with all beings. We can intend to recognize the divine spark in everything and everyone. We all arise from the quantum field and are personifications of the same Being, expressing Itself as a plasma field of unconditional love, abundance, vitality and universal consciousness. By loving our bodies and even being in awe of their beauty, we can bring this energy into our experience.

We can feel the presence of our complete Self through the energy of our heart and know its guidance through our intuition. This is who we are in our deepest Being.

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