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Resolving Doubt about Our Creative Ability

If we feel that we are dependent upon factors outside of our own being for our sustenance and enjoyment of life, we do not believe that we have the ability to create everything we want. Why do we have this doubt? We have kept our consciousness compartmentalized within the boundaries of the empirical world. Our understanding has been limited to our experiences in the third density of human reality, where there is misunderstanding of the creative process.

Because we are infinitely powerful creators, we have had to drastically limit ourselves to play the part of humans on this planet. This is why we compartmentalized our consciousness; otherwise, our lives here would not give us the depth of experience we wanted in the realm of negative polarity and fear. We have expanded universal consciousness through our experiences in Earth life.

In our true Being, there is no polarity between positive and negative. We are pure presence of awareness with infinite abilities to express ourselves, and we participate in the universal consciousness of the Creator. In our human form, we create with our thoughts and feelings and everything that enters our awareness, when we align ourselves with its polarity and vibratory level. It doesn’t matter is we are for or against something. What matters is our engagement and energetic alignment.

What we desire already exists for us in the quantum field. We just need to align with its energetic patterns in order to recognize it as real and be able to experience it. When we can feel ourselves living in the kind of experience we desire, we align ourselves with its polarity and energetic frequency patterns. With our energetic alignment, we can recognize and accept the experience as it become real for us. If we’re motivated to practice this, and we have the intention without doubt, we can accomplish living a wonderful life and help elevate the vibrations of others.

Because we are creators through our ability to modulate energetic patterns with our thoughts and emotions, our doubts express negative energies, which manifest in the human dimension as failure of creativity. We have not known that we are creators with our energetic alignments. This is what we do as humans, we expand the experiences within universal consciousness in ways that would not be possible for the consciousness of the Creator, which we participate in.

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