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Resistance or Acceptance of Evil

Whether we realize it or not, we are all moving into the light. It is the positive, high-vibratory direction of Gaia, and all who live here are living in her rising vibratory resonance. Soon there will be no negative polarity, because Gaia is only positive in her rising life force. We are in the throes of growing awareness of the most evil energy, as it becomes exposed to the light. The power of its polarity is diminishing, as it shuts itself off from the divine life force that it needs to exist. Its existence must depend upon the alignment that humanity provides. All of the evil ones are parasites who steal human life force. We can resist them and feed them our energy, or we can love them into transformation or dissolution.

The energetics of our situation can provide either polarity. Resistance to government tyranny carries us into alignment with that level of mental and emotional vibration. We give it our life force, so that it can exist. It could not exist without our support. Instead of engaging negative energy with negative energy, even if it seems right, we have the choice of being in a higher state of awareness. By maintaining a positive, loving and compassionate perspective, we cannot be intimidated by the negative. We are the creators. We can create experiences that are in harmony with our level of conscious love and joy.

We can recognize the feelings and images of evil in those who are in alignment with it, and we can understand them with compassion, knowing that they are playing roles that we’ve been involved in during some lifetime. That’s what we’ve been here to experience, to know intimately how evil feels and how averse it is to our own Being. By resisting it, we align with it and give it our life force through our attention and emotional strength. By accepting it with compassion, we can be in a loving state of being, and we can open the way to living in a higher dimension.

In a state of positive, high-vibratory energy, we can create the new world of life-enhancing energies. We can be in this state of being all the time, regardless of external challenges. With the guidance of our intuition, we know what to do in any encounter. Our intuition always has the level of vibration that streams through the heart of our Being. It is a stream of vitality and unconditional love in universal consciousness. This is what we can align with and transform our experiences.

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