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Repolarizing the World Outside and Inside

The world that we believe is outside of ourselves in our human experience, is actually within our own consciousness. It manifests the quality of vibration in our own awareness of who we believe we are in every moment. The polarity of our focus and alignment is the vibratory pattern that we experience in our human lives.

The world that we believe is outside of ourselves could be grim and threatening, and we are not required to participate in that level of energy. Our vibratory level determines the quality of our personal experience in any kind of situation. Everything is formed in consciousness, which we participate in. We have the ability to direct our focus to positive, high-vibratory feelings and visions. Our intuition presents these to us, if we seek them. If we can hold this focus, we can confront every seemingly challenging outer experience with creative modulation of positive polarity. We can receive inspiration in every moment from our intuition, which offers us positive guidance immediately as needed. It is the first thought and feeling that we receive in any confrontation. If we can stay centered and balanced in objective clarity, we always know how to be in a positive, loving and joyful state, able to act compassionately and wisely with personal power.

Since every scenario is within our own consciousness, it can be positive with high vibrations, even if it appears threatening. With the new Earth energies, the negative no longer has any effect on us, except what we give it. By aligning with the vibratory resonance of Gaia, we participate in the dominant energetic patterns of our planet. These are positive electrical and magnetic wave patterns that affect our thoughts and emotions. By being positive, we are supported by the resonance of Gaia. The negative polarity on Earth is weakening as humanity withdraws its alignment from it, and it receives no life force from Gaia.

By focusing on knowing our intuition, we can make great strides on the inner path. Once we can easily and clearly feel and know our intuitive guidance and have absolute confidence in it, we can live successfully without attachment in every moment. This is a time for withdrawing some of our attention from the persona we’ve been playing and opening our awareness to our expansive Selves.

Without judgment, we can have compassion and love for all, including those playing the part of evildoers. It is all for our experience and education in aligning with our true eternal Selves.

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