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Remembering Our Personal Truth

On the path to remembering the eternal limitless Being of our true Selves, we have the ability to transform every obstacle, because we continue to create the obstacles. We can change our perspective through aligning with the energy of our heart and our deep intuition. Ultimately we can be fully aware of being in universal consciousness with its unconditionally loving life force flowing into all conscious beings. This perspective allows us to be our creative Selves, expressing ourselves out of compassion and deepest love. By being intentionally present in this high vibrational state of Being, we remember that we know everything. Every Being within the spectrum of our personal energy signature is known to us. We all are constantly being created out of the same universally conscious Being. We are all creating experiences for ourselves and the Creator, constantly expanding consciousness.

Since we consciously and subconsciously choose our focus in every moment, we have the ability to elevate our conscious frequencies by clearing our beliefs about ourselves. These constructs of our ego are no longer needed, because they’re all based in fear, ultimately fear of termination of consciousness. We know from quantum physics that there is only One consciousness. It is the eternal presence of self-awareness, always now, beyond time and space. This is the Source of our Being. It cannot be terminated, because it is always present, encompassing and enveloping everything. It is the Source of all of the electromagnetic wave/particle patterns in the limitless quantum field of all potentialities.

Fear of termination is based on a false premise. Since termination is impossible, fearing it means that we recognize it in our imagination and create it for ourselves. It becomes our belief and keeps us in the spectrum of fear. Our life force continues to create our experiences, based on our beliefs. What we believe is always true for us, because we’ve created the vibratory patterns.

Recognizing that our conscious awareness must be eternal, gives us the freedom to focus on the spectrum of vibrations based on love and compassion. We can be aware of the feelings emanating from our heart and the guidance of our deep intuition. This is the natural flow of our lives that we can align with.

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