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Releasing the Limits of Our Awareness

360-degree spherical awareness without bounds and beyond time and space. Is this an attribute of our expanding consciousness? In a way, we can begin to imagine it. Being fractals of universal consciousness, we have this ability. It’s available when we transcend our limitations. Once we withdraw our attention from our beliefs in what is real, we enter the unknown, at least to us. We are expanding our awareness.

We need guidance, and we can turn our attention to our feelings, which we can become acutely aware of with our increasing intentionality. Our intuitive knowing brings everything within the scope of our potential awareness. Everything has an energy pattern, and our intuition knows this and communicates it through our emotions, often very subtly, but in a richness that we can understand.

Even if our conscious awareness is not that expanded, our greater Self is, and it communicates to us everything we need and want, subject to the limitations we impose upon our awareness and our perspective. We determine what is true for ourselves by our beliefs. As we become more aware, accepting, forgiving and transforming of ourselves, we transcend our limitations in compassion and gratitude.

Currently, many new positive energies are enveloping us and causing much instability, as the old negative energies of the human world break down and dissolve. The negative feelings and entrapments are becoming incompatible with the rising vibrations of the Earth and of humanity. This creates conflict and chaos in society and calamities in nature, while in the background is arising a new world of love, beauty, abundance and freedom. We are in the transition zone and just need to keep ourselves positive, while we work through our attachments to limitation and move into a higher dimension of living.

When we realize that our true Self has no limitations, we can align with the unconditional love of universal consciousness. The compartment of consciousness that we have kept ourselves in for eons is no longer needed. We can become truly sovereign and free, fully present in eternal, infinite awareness, confident in our unlimited creative power.

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