Releasing Our Fixations

To those of us who are stuck in poverty or enslavement of any kind, we have the conscious choice to redirect our energy from our fixation on these things. If we can continue to deal with life as it confronts us and instills expectations, we can choose to be in a perspective of compassion and heart-felt knowing. This perspective transforms a low-frequency fixation through understanding and realignment with the high-frequency energy of inner joy, freedom and abundance. By holding visions and feelings of high-frequency experiences, we direct our life force in creating what we are passionate about in our deepest Being. This transforms our condition in the world from one based in fear to one based in love. It occurs on a vibratory level that we direct with our focus of attention and emotional determination.

We live in a cosmos composed of infinite patterns of electromagnetic waves that can appear for us when we recognize them. The material world appears in our experience, because we recognize its patterns of energy. By changing our perspective and our focus of attention, we can create a different personal quality of life. We can recognize the energy patterns that we want to experience, instead of the ones we don’t want. We can reclaim and redirect our life force, as we move deeper into the understanding and feeling of our heart. We become much more aware of everything and more capable of dealing with the situations of humanity. We are on our way to awakening to who we really are.

We know from the accounts of people who have died and come back, that our self-awareness of personal identity does not change at death. We are eternal, self-realized persons. This is the basis of our true perspective on life. Once we have this realization and know deep within that it is true, we can release our fear of suffering and survival. These have been boundaries in our consciousness, keeping us from complete Self-realization. We can resolve our fears, opening our awareness greatly to high-vibrations in expansive consciousness. This is completely life-changing.

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