Regaining Our Perspective on Reality

Our current dimension of vibrations consists of winners and losers, but even the winners are never truly fulfilled in every area of life. It is because we cannot escape from fear. Much of our life revolves around money. Our currency is the flow of energy among us. When this flow is constrained by corporate and governmental mandates, we feel that our life force is being drained from us. The official media attempts to keep us in fear of sickness, death and threats from one another. Much of humanity is facing the threat of officially-mandated extinction. We are engaged in the climax of low-vibration living, and yet many do not realize what is happening.

We have internalized beliefs that keep us from knowing who we truly are. As long as we believe that we are separate individuals with limited abilities and limited life-spans, we are locked into the low-vibration life-style of suffering and lack of true expansive life force. We have been taught that we must struggle and compete with each other for limited wealth and the resources necessary for the enjoyment of life, but what if none of this is true? What if it’s all a hypnotic trance, a form of virtual reality that we can awaken from into realization of our true Being? How can we recognize what is real?

Quantum physics has shown indisputably that we participate in universal consciousness, which is the essence of everything and every entity that exists. Our consciousness envelopes the entire cosmos and every possible form of existence, but we can be aware only of what we believe. Our beliefs have enslaved us into a world of limitations of every kind. We have imprisoned ourselves, and we are the ones who must resolve our beliefs in our limitations. No one else can do this for us.

There are many ways that we can awaken ourselves, but they all require intention and effort on our part. We can learn and practice deep meditation, deep and rhythmic breathing, advanced yoga and many other advanced spiritual techniques. There are also some shortcuts, such as near-death experiences, in which we realize that we are each a person of unlimited self-conscious awareness apart from the body. We are given an experience beyond time and space and into eternal Being with the knowing of unconditional love and unlimited creative ability. This is our reality. Our human experience is only temporary. Once we have transformed our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can be anyone and anything that we desire, as expressions of the Supreme Being, whose consciousness we all participate in and have the ability to know and experience.

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