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Recovering our Self-Identity

Each of us is an expression of the universal consciousness of the Creator as a unique personal creative genius. Since we have made our way through life on this planet under the identity of our limited ego consciousness, we have not known our true Being. We are present in our awareness to create experiences for ourselves and our Creator in alignment with our personal genius out of the infinite possibilities of existence. We are here now among humans on this Earth to awaken to our true nature far beyond the imagination of the human mind.

It can help us to understand what quantum physics has discovered about the nature of the universe and its basis in universal consciousness. These are no longer concepts that only spiritual adepts know. This knowledge is now scientific realization. As more physicists grasp what they have discovered, they are gradually realizing that we are living in an energy field held in universal consciousness by the collective consciousness of humanity. It has no substance in the way that we have learned to recognize it. For us the material world is only an interpretation of our conscious awareness of the particle/wave patterns that we all create together with our self-identification with them. Our beliefs about ourselves keep us confined within this spectrum of energy.

Without fear, we have no need for limiting beliefs about ourselves. Fear is a low-frequency vibration that permeates all energy fields having a frequency below that of unconditional love. The realm of fear encompasses all consciousness that does not recognize the Source of our Being. Limited self-consciousness feels that it is the source of its own life. It is mortal and can suffer. This has been the conscious state of humanity, limited by fear.

It usually takes a leap of faith to abandon the traditional human conceptual framework of reality to open our awareness to higher-dimensional being. We’re working on being able to make the transformation in easier steps. By realizing how quantum energy works, we can see the changes that we need to make in our lives as patterns of energy fluctuations, which we can control and align with our emotions and imagination. Our process of transformation can be realized as energetic expressions that we live in through our perspective in thinking about things and our reactions to situations that we face.

All of our thoughts and feelings have energetic expressions in the quantum field. By raising our predominant vibrations of what goes on in our minds and feelings, we can raise our personal vibratory frequency, and we can do this as much as we’re aware of it. In this way we can keep going higher in our life experiences while expanding our conscious awareness, until we become self-responsible and creative of everything we need and want. We come into alignment with our divine Source energy of unconditional love, joy, peace, abundance, freedom, sovereignty and eternal Being.

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