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Recognizing, Resolving and Transcending Our Limitations

Although we have been subjected to life-diminishing energies for eons, we are on a living planet whose essence is the enhancement of all of life in deepest love and beauty. Parasites do not belong here and are now being brought into the light of public display. They are becoming uncomfortable and incapable of being here much longer. As we become aware that we have acquired limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can decide if we want to keep them. If we choose to transcend them, we can enter a new era of manifesting the creative energy of our true nature.

If we begin the process of resolving our limitations, we can examine ourselves closely to find an obvious limitation, such as, “I’m ashamed of something I did.” That is a negatively-polarized state of being. We could think of it as a decision that I made because I had a stronger feeling of wanting what I did. That feeling was aligning with a negative vibration and was an experiment in feeling those energies. They resonated with the energies of the others involved. There was no blame, just an experiment to find out how different energies feel. We have that freedom innately. What is important here is our motivation. Were we enhancing life in every way, or were we intentionally diminishing someone in any way? By judging and mistreating someone or something, we are radiating those energies into the quantum field, attracting those qualities into manifestation in our own lives.

In this way we are the creators of the qualities of our experiences. We are all on a path to somewhere as part of humanity, and we have many choices of ways to arrive there. All we need to know is how we feel in the moment, and we can have intentional control over that. We also have awareness of what we know intuitively, apart from the mind of ego-consciousness. We do not need to think. We just need to realize and know. This is a giant change for us. It means moving from our mind to our heart and realizing the qualities of our essential being.

In the consciousness of our heart, there are no limitations. There is only great vitality and unconditional love, enhancing our awareness. Everything resolves into the creative energy of unconditional love. We do not need to think, because we already know. We can live in the realm of knowing without limitation. It is the energy of the heart of our Being and is who we are. Once we realize that we are naturally and abundantly cared-for, we can express our true interests and passions. There are no requirements upon us, and we can live in a world that supports everything that leads to love and joy. Our experience of this world depends upon the vibratory level of our predominant state of being. This is our major limitation, and is subject to our intentional direction in alignment with our heart.

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