Recognizing Ourselves as Inspired, Luminous Beings

Every cell, every atom and every sub-atomic particle/wave pattern in our bodies is consciously alive. All naturally align vibrationally with the life force that streams through the heart of our Being. Since they are all also part of our conscious Self, they align also with our personal energy signatures. When there is misalignment within our consciousness, due to the presence of fear, our physical cells become vibrationally misaligned, and our bodies’ life processes begin degrading.

If we can recognize ourselves as the directors of our own universes of trillions of cells, we can be responsible for inner vibratory alignment with our natural Being. We are constantly enveloped within the quantum field of universal consciousness and are given the choice of controlling our attention and focus, in order to align with the energies coming through our heart. The universe of cells within each of us has a natural tendency to convey the flow of life force in alignment for the greatest vitality of all. We can consciously enhance this flow of vitality by recognizing what it is and learning to direct our focus to it. It is formless energy in universal consciousness sustaining everything and everyone. This energy flows through our Being, connecting us in our essence to all that exists.

Our attention can include awareness of the qualities of the creative life force that we embody. Its high frequency vibrations stimulate feelings of gratitude, love, joy and all compatible emotions. We can become aware of great beauty and music and the high-vibrational abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance and more. By aligning with the greatest vitality, we are resonating with the natural flow of our life force.

This is the flow of energy that we can modulate with our thoughts and emotions in our attention. In every moment we have the choice of focusing our attention. We can choose to focus on high-vibrational scenarios and persons. As our energy signature rises in frequency, we feel more empowered and enjoy greater vitality. Our cells operate with greater vitality. We release more photons and become more radiant. We can begin to know unconditional love, connecting us through our life force to all that exists.

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