Recognizing OurSelves

Being objective with deep understanding, is to be in alignment with the cycles of nature. It helps to walk barefoot on the Earth. Being aware of the great subtleties of our emotions, we can read the quality of every experience, regardless of what words may be stated. It is the quality of our own experience that creates itself in our future experience. When we are objective, we are just present in all of our aspects. We are unlimited in our awareness, if we allow ourselves to be. In order to achieve open awareness, we must resolve all of our inner aberrations and bring all of our energies into resonance for the clearest vibrations of our energy signature. We are sovereign and fearless. This requires working with our high-vibrational emotions and expressing them. It is through our emotional expressions that we create our experiences and how we feel about them. This is how we can elevate our circumstances. We can use our emotions and imagination to create wonderful experiences.

Our nature is to modulate the energy patterns that we encounter to resonate with the natural energy flow of the Earth. We can be the transformers of negative energy. By encountering low-vibration energy, when we are emotionally in love and compassion and freedom, we are vibrating at high frequency. We can feel that the low frequency must come into resonance with the higher-frequency electromagnetic wave patterns or disappear. Sovereign Beings cannot be threatened by low-frequency beings, because we know that we are essentially eternal modulators of energy patterns. We are self-aware presence with emotional presence. The life-force that flows through us enlivens our bodies. Our physical body is an expression of our energy signature. We can naturally come into alignment with Gaia, the Sun and all the Beings beyond. In this state of being, we resonate with the energy of nature.

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