Recognizing Each Other in Ourselves

We naturally encounter each other through our eyes. We receive each other’s vibration and feel each other’s presence. Living within the energy that we radiate, we attract resonant frequencies in each other. We can feel the vibratory resonance of each other, and we can recognize our perspective on the love/fear vibratory patterns. We can find the Source life-force flow in each other. It comes through the vibrations of our heart. It is our inner light, our intuitive knowing and our Self-realization. All of this we communicate through our eyes and our presence.

We know immediately if we’re in alignment vibrationally with anyone we encounter. Because we attract energy signatures that resonate with our own, we are facing ourselves reflected in each other. It is the quality of the energy present, the vibratory spectrum, that we encounter. The persons present and the situations may change, but the vibratory spectrum of energy determines the quality of every experience. There is a dimensional leap from the low-frequency spectrum of fear and the high-frequency spectrum of love.

The ego lives in the dimension of fear and without higher guidance. We created it for this purpose, to be able to deepen our compassionate wisdom, having experienced fear. We can now ask our ego to become an objective observer, while we can intend always to be aware of our intuitive knowing, which we can have in the dimension of love.

Our experiences are reflections of our own vibratory patterns. We always face our own energy patterns in every moment. If we want to elevate the quality of our encounters, we can align our perspective with the life-giving energy spectrum of our heart. We can be thankful and joyous to just be present in timeless awareness without limits. We can recognize ourselves as our personal presence of Being, distinct from all other persons, and all of us constantly arising out of the One universal consciousness, which is the essence of our eternal Being and the source of our knowing in every moment.

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