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Recognizing and Choosing Our Reality

When we transfer our awareness beyond the body and the physical world, we can choose to recognize any reality that we desire to focus on. We can feel good intentionally. When we allow it, whatever we intend becomes our reality. This is what we do in any dimension that we experience, including the empirical world of good and evil. How we imagine ourselves to be is how we experience ourselves. In our essence we are unlimited in our presence and powers, but we have adopted beliefs that we are limited, and we have not allowed ourselves to realize our infinite presence. We’ve done this for the experience of learning how to recognize and direct energetic patterns by how we intentionally feel. In order to be able to do this, we must be the directors of our ego-consciousness. This means opening our awareness to our presence beyond the ego. If we have the intention to do this, we can become transcendent, by following our inner guidance.

As we become aware of the essence of our ego consciousness and the nature of its beliefs, we can be compassionate with ourselves for believing that we are our ego. We have been unaware of our life-enhancing presence as an expression of our Creator. Because we are creators of experiences, we have no need to struggle or feel unfulfilled. We experience the energies that we create with our imagination and emotions. We determine our polarity and frequency by how we choose to be in every moment. If we direct ourselves to be loving and supportive in every circumstance, we can intend to recognize the light of the Creator in everyone and everything. We can realize a new reality and bring it into our experience.

Every kind of reality has defining limits that make it what it is. We can recognize the qualities of these parameters and decide if we want to experience this spectrum of energetics. We have lived in a world of good and evil, where good enhances life, and evil diminishes it. We are currently involved in a process of physical and spiritual transformation that allows for us to express ourselves physically as we truly want to be. Once we begin to realize who we are in truth, we have amazing choices available to us.

Imagine what it can be like to realize our eternal presence with unlimited creative power in alignment with the consciousness of our Creator. We can imagine our planet as the living, creative Being that she is and be grateful for the loving support she constantly gives us. We can imagine the Earth being completely renewed and filled with vitality in every way, supporting all positive life forms and providing everything that sustains and enhances life. By aligning ourselves with these vibrations, we attract the attention of humanity to them and bring them into our experience.

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