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Realizing Unconditional Love

Consciousness is the prime essence of everything, and everything arises from consciousness. It is universal. Quantum Physics has shown that there is only one consciousness, and within it arise an infinite number of fractals that all share the same consciousness. Each of us is one of these fractals of fractals of fractals. Each subatomic entity is one of these fractals. Every part of us is an aspect of the whole. Every part of each human has the same DNA. We are unified beings in a unified universe. All are held within the same consciousness. This is the consciousness of a supreme Being, who expresses us to realize infinite Self.

We, in turn, express ourselves as humans, forming a species consciousness, within which we manifest our personality and physical presence. We have access to universal consciousness, just as every cell of our body has access to the consciousness of our whole person. This unified consciousness has a magnetic attraction for every molecule and cell of our body, as well as everything that we believe belongs to us. We extend our conscious presence into the empirical world as far as we believe that we can. If we believe and realize that we experience only loving relationships, they fill our lives with their quality.

We have different ideas of what love is, but it has an essence that we can know and feel. It is the creative essence of universal consciousness. It expands and enhances life everywhere and always. It is infinite in its presence and pervades our awareness beyond ego-consciousness. Infinite love expresses itself in positive, high-frequency vibrations beyond our comprehension, filling us with ecstasy and wisdom beyond thought. It is our essential Being, which we can know and feel beyond all personal limitations, and it pervades our eternal presence of awareness and gives us fulfillment of every desire of our heart.

Through our heart-consciousness, we can fulfill our destiny by creating experiences that enhance human consciousness and expand universal consciousness. By being aware and in alignment with the vibrations of our heart, we express unconditional love as a radiance from our energy signature. It imbues our imagination and emotions with its presence.

Our participation in this energetic field is voluntary and intentional. Because humans currently do not realize the power of love, those who choose to live in alignment with its vibrations in every moment must have strong intention and deep understanding, but once we begin to live in its vibrations, we feel and know that this is our natural state of being, and it feels so good!

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