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Realizing the Nature of Our Beliefs

If we choose to examine the essence of our beliefs, we find that they provide a compartment of consciousness that we contain ourselves within. While we believe that we are mortal, we are not open to realizing our eternal awareness. While we believe that we are our physical bodies and our separate identities, we cannot realize our presence beyond time and space, nor our multi-dimensionality. While we believe that we have separate minds and consciousness, we cannot realize our participation in universal consciousness.

We often speak of a veil that keeps us from awareness of other realms. That veil consists of our beliefs. We have intentionally limited ourselves in order to participate fully in this drama of humanity. Our ego consciousness distracts us as much as possible from questioning our beliefs. We have become comfortable with living in fear and do not want to be aware of the unknown. It is in the unknown, beyond our ego consciousness, that we can resolve our limitations and transform our fear into love.

Once we determine this, we can decide to open ourselves to expanding awareness beyond our empirical experience and into a timeless sense of Being. In this state, we can enter awareness of the consciousness of the Creator, the universal consciousness, filled with unconditional love for everything created constantly. Here is unlimited vitality and fullness of knowing and Being. Enhancing all of life, a feeling of joyous ecstasy pervades everywhere.

Our natural state of Being is in alignment with the feelings of the Creator, and our guide for this level of vibration is the spirit of our planet, Gaia. She resonates at increasingly higher frequencies and intensities. Her energy is expressed in all things natural on the Earth. Wild animals and plants are aligned with the energy of Gaia. Some creatures express this energy more than others. When we listen and feel the vibrations of their songs, small forest birds create a melody in resonance with Gaia, stimulating compatible feelings in us.

By having boundless imagination and feelings, we can sensitize ourselves to our inner knowing and feeling. Becoming sensitive to our intuitive guidance is something we can search for and practice. When we search for it, intuition is the immediate knowing of thoughts, feelings and motivations in every moment. Through the energy of our heart, it is given to us in ways that each of us can understand, if we want to. By our intention, we are guided into realization of everything we need to know and feel in order to express our conscious resonance, the quality of our state of being.

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