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Realizing the Extent of Our Love and Compassion

When we begin to realize that we may have no real limits to our Being and our consciousness, we can begin to transcend the conditions that we have imposed upon ourselves. We can question everything that holds us within limitation. Do we need to have enemies and allies, or are these self-created to enhance participation in our quest for Self-Realization? Do we actually have needs and wants that are unfulfilled, or are these self-created?

One way to know the answers to these questions is to open ourselves beyond ego-consciousness, which may be a challenge. It could require deep meditation, deep breathwork, a near-death experience, a guided psychoactive experience (such as ayahuasca or psilocybin) or something else that releases us from our normal hypnotic trance in ego-consciousness. Another way similar to deep meditation is to develop extreme introspection, leading to deep sensitivity to our intuitive knowing. This is our most natural approach to enlightenment and is a lasting experience that can continue in every moment.

Once we are connected intuitively to our inner knowing, we do not need anything beyond our own Being, because we envelop everything and everyone in our potential awareness. We participate in the perspective and intent of Creator consciousness in unconditional love and infinite creative power. There are no enemies, and there is no struggle, because we are beyond the reach of threats and intimidation. We are complete in ourselves in the eternal presence of awareness, living in ecstasy and freedom.

This doesn’t usually happen instantaneously. It is a life-long process that has now been greatly accelerated by the intensification of the light in our cosmic environment and the rising vibratory frequency of our planet. We are being prompted to transcend our ego-consciousness by opening to love and joy in every aspect of our lives. When we are uncomfortable with someone or with some circumstance, we can look within ourselves for the energy that needs to be adjusted. We can look for the life-enhancing energy that we have been unaware of, and we can ask our guides for help in realizing it, while maintaining our focus on the energy of our heart.

In our own essence we can be aware of an unlimited source of creative power that can elevate us and every circumstance that we are involved in. It is present for us in our realization of it. By learning to control our thoughts and emotions and to project them at will in alignment with the energy of our heart, we can develop our power of realization and open ourselves to a new world of love and abundance.

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