Realizing Our True Presence

When we think about ourselves, apart from our perception of our bodies, and we look deeply into our consciousness, who is there? Who and what is our present being? We can’t calculate it mathematically. We can’t perceive it with our senses, yet we know we are a self-aware conscious presence. Technologically we can measure our presence as our energy signature, which has a composite vibration that is identifiable as energy frequency. These waves are very subtle and almost unnoticeable, unless we search for them in our feelings, when we’re in a receptive state of being. We may need some deep, slow, rhythmic breaths, and then we just need to pay attention to our entire spectrum of emotions.

To raise our energy signature, we focus on the feelings that we love the most. This is an intentional experience, and it shows us that we are in essence creative beings, because we can project visions from our mind and empower them with our passionate emotions. This is a creative act that forms the wave patterns of its energy signature in the quantum field of all potentialities that we exist within. That scenario then appears in its created vibratory pattern in whatever dimension it was projected into.

To be truly creative, we have to believe absolutely that this is who we are, and that we have this ability. The only power that can hold us back from realizing this is our own psychological limitations. These have developed out of fear of some kind and can be transformed through acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, love and detachment. Any perspective that has a frequency lower than this pattern of vibrations is a limitation.

As we recognize and resolve the limitations we have placed on our awareness, we approach our true being more closely. All along this process, our feelings are our guide to identify the vibrational pattern that our attention is upon.

As we search for more elevated emotions, we are guided into a higher awareness of ourselves. We feel joyous and expansive. Experiences such as these give us assurance that we’re expanding our conscious awareness. They also give us confidence in the path to our Self-realization.

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