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Realizing Our True Genius

If we feel attracted to perceiving beyond our empirical sensations and apparently real world, we can look into the energy of our heart for guidance. It is here that our expanded and ascended Self connects with us. Higher guidance is ours to recognize. It is the frequency of unconditional love and universal consciousness.

In our empirical mind-set and belief systems, we cannot be aware of those vibrations. We are constrained by some level of fear, which requires our belief in our mortality. This is the deepest emotional knot that keeps us in the empirical spectrum. We know that belief in our personal mortality has been conclusively proved to be false by all those who have died and returned to their bodies and have reported about it. All retained their conscious personal being whether in or out of the body. From this we can conclude that our personhood is eternal, and we can change our belief about this, because we have now been logically convinced of the truth of our Being.

The proof of our Being is a quantum phenomenon, in which we are living in two different dimensions at the same time. We have our ego conscious person that lives in the spectrum of energies shared by humanity. We also have our expanded Being, who dwells in all spectra of vibrations with a perspective arising from unconditional love and universal consciousness.

Before incarnating on Earth, we experienced only high-vibration energy. We couldn’t even imagine what it would feel like to live in low-vibrations. Now we know. We have deepened our understanding by being willing to experience the energies that we live within here. Once we realize that we want to expand our awareness, we are ready to open ourselves to the visions and emotions that feel really good. This is an individual soul journey.

We must conclusively confront our belief in our mortality in order to resolve all of our fears. As we do this, we can develop our sensitivity to feeling our intuitive knowing. This is the vibrational spectrum, mentally and emotionally, of peace, compassion and kindness. We are given prompts that we can recognize, along with feelings that we can be aware of. These may be subtle. They could be mathematical, symbolic, literal, musical or artistic and many other kinds of prompts. If we are open to receiving intuitive guidance, we will know it within. It arises out of universal consciousness and is true. This is our personal genius. We only need to recognize it.

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