Realizing Our Potential

Our planet is rising in resonant frequency and is releasing much negative, low-vibration energy through extreme weather and earth changes. This energy is flowing through all of humanity. Low-vibration alignment is becoming very difficult. The corrupt ruling elite are leaving our awareness, and their unseen leaders are dissolving. The resonant frequency of humanity is rising with the Earth. The days of love and goodness are immediately ahead of us, but the path to this level of vibrations will be volatile. There is much discordant and anomalous energy to realign with truth.

The present energy of Gaia’s current path is guiding us into higher vibration living, more in tune with the energy of our heart. More willing to realize the light in all vibrations. Everything is part of us, arising out of the consciousness of the Creator. We can participate in the universal consciousness that contains and births everything, once we unlimit ourselves. All the difficulties we must face are designed to awaken us to our limitations, so that we can resolve them. Everything is a blessing, when understood from an expanded perspective. We can clear our consciousness and enter pure awareness of our presence of Being.

Our true Being has no physical presence. It is our present awareness, and is eternal and unlimited. We can express ourselves however we want in any dimension. Here we have expressed ourselves as our human selves, which are only imaginary creations of our true Self. We humans cannot know our true Being with our ego consciousness. We created the ego not to know, so that we could have a navigator in the realm of low vibrations and separation from our higher guidance.

We can direct our awareness beyond the ego by moving toward just being present in awareness. This is a state of no thoughts or feelings. Just awareness of everything without thought or emotion. In this state we can become aware of inner sounds, rhythms and the feeling of expansiveness. As we encounter people and situations, while we’re in an elevated state of being, we intuitively know all about the energy confronting us. We can align with it, or invite it to align with us, if we are in a higher resonance. It is possible for any of us to be in a high-frequency etheric presence while participating in normal human life.

What happens now, as our limitations get resolved, is life begins transforming into a joyful experience. It doesn’t matter where we are, or what our condition is, even the worst possible or the best, we’re dealing with energy patterns, and we have the ability to modulate any energy patterns we encounter. We do this by putting ourselves into the situation that we want with our imagination and feelings. We can experience being in the scenario completely. This voluntary experience attracts energy patterns that are compatible with it, and life becomes better.

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