Realizing Our Personal Truth

Our creative, conscious life force flows to us constantly beyond time and space, arising out of the universal consciousness of the Creator of all. In this eternal state of Being, there is no polarity. Every energy pattern is life-enhancing. Of our free will, we have elected to participate in a realm of polarity. This duality can exist only in a compartment of universal consciousness, limited by time and space.

We have the free will to focus on any energy pattern that we can imagine, loving or fearful, positive or negative, and we have elected to focus our creative attention only in this compartment of consciousness. We have aligned our conscious vibrations with deeply negative vibratory patterns, which we could never take seriously in our unlimited Self. These experiences have given us deeper understanding and compassion, which we have contributed to universal consciousness.

To keep our attention within the confines of the human spectrum of energetics, we imposed upon ourselves beliefs that keep us focused within its parameters. These we can resolve. They are all negatively polarized and are purposely life-diminishing. They limit our freedom, sovereignty, eternal Being, and creative abilities, because these limitations are necessary for a deeply human experience.

If we can take a break from our normal lives for a few moments every now and then, and take a few deep breaths. If we can space out and clear our energy. When can imagine something wonderful happening now, we call forth feelings of joy and love. Just being in this state of being occasionally opens our consciousness toward our expanded Self-Awareness. It is a step toward expanding beyond time and space into full realization of our true Self through our intuitive knowing.

Once we know that we are unlimited Beings, who have chosen to limit ourselves for a purpose, we can participate in that purpose with unlimited awareness.

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