Realizing Our Personal Freedom and Sovereignty

The quality of our personal lives depends upon the vibratory polarity and frequency of our own state of being. It does not depend upon our actions, except that they are an expression of our personal vibration. We are involved in a dramatic holographic kind of play in which we are characters and actors with predetermined events and experiences. What isn’t predetermined are our intentions, emotions, and perspective. These are the creators of the quality of our experience within the empirical play.

We have absolute freedom to think and feel whatever and however we choose to focus our attention on and align our vibrations with. There may be great distractions going on around us. There could be war, fires, starvation, and disease. These are only distractions from our inner journey to expand our awareness into our true, greater Being. When faced with great distractions, we need great resolve to be on the inward journey. We never stop facing challenges. This is how we expand our awareness.

Somewhere along the way, we make many realizations of our greater reality. We become aware of our eternal presence of awareness beyond the body. Our physical presence is a limited expression of our consciousness. We learn that we can cast our emotions forth into whatever we want to feel and project. We can create visions of wonder and amazement. We can realize that we already have absolute freedom in our eternal Being. Once we know that we are our personal eternal conscious awareness, we can recognize that everything responds to our conscious vibrations.

In our empirical personal drama, predestined circumstances always arrange themselves for us personally in a variable way in relation to everything around us, and in the vibratory spectrum of our state of being, constantly and in every moment. When we are in a state of compassion, gratitude and joy, something can always happen to protect us and enhance our lives, even though we’re living through the human drama. We become impervious to threats, because we know how to follow our intuitive knowing to adjust the vibratory level of our experience. The more of us who choose to live in freedom and sovereignty, the more the human drama is elevated.

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