Realizing Our Intentions

If we desire to expand our awareness into our greater Being, we can resolve our limiting beliefs with our focus on our eternal personal presence of awareness. Through our presence of awareness, we can resolve our belief that our awareness is limited to our senses and physical presence. We can intentionally open ourselves to knowing our eternal Self. If this is our desire, and we continue to feel higher vibrations, our awareness intuitively opens us to the experience of a higher reality without limitations. We experience a higher power of creativity and feelings of joy and gratitude.

Our return to Self-Realization comes with constant higher guidance through our intuition. We can be extremely sensitive to our feelings, so that we can know the quality of energy in our presence. It’s most beneficial for us to align with the vibratory level of our intuition. Much is communicated here to our entire personal being. The more we desire to know in greater fullness, and we continue to be open to greater awareness, we can live in a natural state of compassionate understanding and freedom.

With our discovery of each limitation, we can decide its fate in our consciousness. If we resist them, we strengthen them by aligning with the quality of their energy and giving it our life force through our attention. If we accept our limitations, we can transform them with our focus on the high vibrations of eternal love and feelings of life-enhancement energies.

We are our present awareness, unlimited by time and space. We are eternally Self-sufficient, and are in intentional and unintentional control of our lives by the level of vibratory resonance of our dominant state of being. This is mostly how we feel in every moment. The more elevated we are, the more wonderful our experiences become, until we are living with miracles and wonders. To achieve this, we can use our imagination to project love and gratitude throughout our being, staying focused on goodness and compassion.

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