Realizing Our Innate Abilities

We have lived in the low vibrations of victimhood, suffering and fear for eons. We have always wanted a better life of freedom, love, peace, beauty and abundance. Let’s examine the energy that has held us captive in experiences that we do not enjoy. We have blamed our oppressors for our suffering, but are they really the cause of how their actions affect us?

To determine the truth of our experiences, we can examine the electromagnetic energy patterns involved in our lives and how we interact with them. Quantum physics has taught us that everything we experience is energy. By recognizing patterns of polarity and frequency of electromagnetic waves in the quantum field, we cause them to materialize in our experience. They appear as we imagine them to be within our belief system. It is our recognition and awareness that creates our experiences.

What happens when we face threatening situations? Every scenario in our lives is a complex combination of energetic patterns that manifest for us, because we recognize them and believe they are real. Does that mean that if we were arrested unjustly and imprisoned, that we could adjust our focus so completely that we would recognize the quality of the situation, give it no life force from our attention, and just disappear from the scene into a new situation that we have just envisioned? Yes, if we can be so powerfully focused in our imagination and emotions that we have absolute confidence about what we’re doing, and we are totally, and in full confidence, involved mentally and emotionally in the new scenario, without any emotional alignment with the current physical situation.

Quantum physicists have determined that a universal consciousness is the source of all of the energy in the unified quantum field, which provides the essence of everything that exists in all dimensions. There is only One consciousness and One conscious Being. Each of us is this Being in the sense that we are fractals of universal consciousness. Our living essence of Being is creative in every way. We can modulate the energetic patterns in our awareness according to how we feel and what goes through our mind.

All energetic patterns are attracted and repelled by the polarity and frequency of our perspective on life. This is the vibratory level that we are predominantly aware of. When we are aware of the subtleties that we are capable of emotionally, we can let our feelings tell us everything we want to know about the energy in our environment. In any situation we can summon our emotions to align with any vibration that we choose. Our emotions then bring our thoughts into vibratory alignment as much as we permit. We are the ultimate designers and producers of our lives.

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