Realizing our Essence and Abilities

We were created to provide inspiring experiences for our Creator. As fractals of the One Conscious Being Who is everyone and everything, we are the creators of all of our experiences through our ability to recognize new forms and vibratory patterns out of the electromagnetic field of energy that envelops us. We have the free choice to create whatever frequencies and combinations of wave patterns that we desire through our focus of attention and emotions. Our beliefs enable us to recognize what we focus upon, which then appears in our experience.

By resolving our beliefs about ourselves, we expand our awareness. We have been subjected to cultural and religious training that we have believed, because we want to participate fully in human society. We generally believe that we are subject to what appears to happen to us without any intent on our part, especially events that are catastrophic and life-threatening.

Nothing happens by chance. Every situation that we face is a result of energy patterns that are attracted to our personal energy signature, which we are constantly shaping with the thoughts and emotions that we focus on and express. If we are fearful, we attract fearsome situations. If we are joyous and kind, we attract compatible situations. Everything consists of interacting energy patterns that we consciously and unconsciously create and interact with in our state of being.

We are Beings of light. We are photon emitters. Those of us who can see beyond our shared visible spectrum can recognize our aura of light. It is the light that arises for us with our conscious life force out of the conscious Being of the Prime Creator, the universal consciousness that we are enveloped within. Our conscious awareness can encompass more than the universe. To be in this presence of Being, we only need to follow the guidance of our heart-felt intuition without any limiting boundaries of beliefs that we have accepted about ourselves. We must release the belief in personal mortality, which has been conclusively proved to be false by all those who have died and come back, and who have reported on their experiences beyond body-consciousness. All have disclosed that their self-aware personhood was unaffected. They all experienced being the same persons, whether in or out of the body. We are eternal Beings of universal consciousness, and with unlimited ability to resonate patterns of energy that become the qualities of our experiences in the body.

We can create everything we can imagine and empower with our emotions. Our experiences in the empirical world are all reflections of our own consciousness, and all of us are the same Being, all arising out of the consciousness of the Creator, and all being Fractals of the Creator, participating in the entire consciousness of the Creator. This is true for all conscious beings. The human uniqueness is the ability to change the energy that we encounter. We are not just Beings, we are the Creators in every respect.

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