Realizing Our Deepest Love

Because we arise from within the consciousness of the Creator of all, we live eternally in the universal consciousness of unconditional love and joy. As fractals of the Creator, we have the same creative abilities. We are of the same consciousness as the Creator. It is the consciousness of everything that exists. In our expanded consciousness we can create universes. We are as unlimited as the Creator of all.

In order to participate fully in the human experience on Earth, we had to compartmentalize our consciousness, not knowing who we really are and what our true essence is. If we did not limit ourselves with false beliefs of limitation and mortality, we could not have an authentic human experience. We had to program ourselves not to know divine love.

Now everything is changing. We’re getting ready to graduate and return to full consciousness. As we can see in the Shumann Resonance Graph, we are receiving massive waves of photons that are illuminating our bodies and our psyches, elevating our vibratory presence. We are being enveloped in universal consciousness, increasing our awareness of the energy of the Creator.

We’re able to feel each other’s presence more easily. We’re becoming able to communicate telepathically with animals and plants. Some of us can recognize the higher-vibration nature spirits. The energetic direction of humanity is toward higher vibrations in our thoughts and emotions. We’re learning to transform our self-limitations, heal our psyches and bodies and regenerate our human presence.

As we clear our consciousness of fear and limitation of every kind, we make room for creative love and joy to flow into our awareness and fill our emotional presence. As we open our awareness to greater love enveloping and penetrating us, we transform our lives in compassionate wisdom and begin to feel and experience the unconditional love in the heart of our Creator.

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