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Realizing Greater Truth about Our Being

On the inner path to divine consciousness, we can begin to expand into unlimited awareness. If we can open ourselves beyond our personal attachments and beliefs, by being in a state of deepest love and joy, we can realize our greater Self. In our true Self we are our eternal presence of awareness with unlimited capabilities of creating and manifesting. This is the state of Creator consciousness, of just Being in unconditional love and universal consciousness. It is Being everyone and everything in the shared consciousness of us all.

It is recognizing the game that we have been playing as humans. We have been very convincing actors, so good at it, that we even believed that we are the characters we’ve been playing. We created this game to be as realistic as possible, and we really succeeded. Now it’s ending, and we have the opportunity to expand into a higher dimension of living, a dimension of positive polarity and higher vibrations. There’s more joyous living. This is a higher dimension of our game of living with stimulation of our senses, emotions and mind. Once we learn to follow our intuitive knowing, our mind has a very limited role.

We can know the consciousness of the Creator and align with it through following our intuition in every prompt we receive constantly. It’s like a higher dimension of learning how to ride or drive. It takes practice in a new kind of sensitivity, and then it becomes automatic.

This is how we can train our limited awareness as humans to open up to greater possibilities. If we are willing to live in an imaginary wonderful realm, and we are willing to train ourselves to recognize this realm, it comes into our experience when we believe it’s real. This happens just as we recognize it, and It can happen in any dimension, according to our polarity and vibration. We can challenge ourselves as much as we want and more. Some of us have become incurably stuck in dark energy, but we all have absolute freedom to choose any and every kind of energy in our awareness. Our state of being expresses the level of vibration and the quality of life that we create in our experience. Forms arrange themselves for us, according to our state of being.

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