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Realizing Greater Awareness

Although in our true Being, we have unlimited abilities, we have kept ourselves as humans from enjoying our true creativity. This is the situation of our ego consciousness, living without higher guidance. Our consciousness has been anchored in negative polarity for eons, but we are not required to stay there. We can change at any time by our personal choice. Belief in our mortality holds us back, as do beliefs that we need things from others, that we are subject to governmental control and many other limiting beliefs.

Once we get an intuitive prompt that we have greater potential, we can search for more. At some point we realize that experience within the energy spectrum of humanity is a kind of augmented reality that we’ve agreed to participate in for our spiritual growth. We intended to increase our awareness of the feelings and thoughts in the realm of negative magnetic energetics. We needed limitations in order to experience this spectrum of energies as real. We’re in a 3-dimensional movie that we have written, directed and produced for ourselves, but we have been unaware of this, and not knowing the greater design.

To find out about this, we can awaken our connection with our subconscious innate being. It is the part of our consciousness that interprets our intentions into the electromagnetic wave patterns in the quantum field, and it remembers every detail of all of our lifetimes. By using kinesiology techniques, we can ask our innate specific questions that do not require any reasoning ability, only straight answers, such as yes or no. As we progress, we can begin to be aware naturally of what our innate can say about anything. We can also develop sensitivity to our intuition. We are designed to be the director of our innate being, but we have allowed our ego-consciousness to operate freely, and so the ego has trained our innate consciousness, resulting in much negative chaos within, keeping ourselves from greater awareness.

If we have a strong intent to master ourselves, we naturally create awareness of a way that works for each of us. It may even require miraculous-appearing interventions, but we do succeed, because it is in the current flow of life on this planet, and circumstances arrange themselves to accommodate our intentions. Our intent is how we recognize our true eternal Being without limits. This is the inner path to Self-Realization.

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