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Realizing Enlightenment

If we decide to practice feeling the most expansive, joyful and ecstatic scenarios we can imagine, we begin to expand our awareness beyond the physical. If we continue this practice, we can align our entire consciousness with these vibrations. Then we’ll be able to realize their reality in our lives. Recognition of higher vibratory energy patterns is an expansion of our awareness that we can intentionally achieve.

To open our awareness to a higher dimension of mental and emotional frequencies, we can seek them and ask them to come into our awareness. Intuitively, we know them, and we know how they feel. They radiate the energy of our eternal Being. If we search for them with a clear heart, we can realize them. We can feel their positive magnetic polarity, which we are naturally attracted to. This is a realm of beauty and abundance. We can get here by focusing on scenarios that express this spectrum of vibrations.

As we go deeper into our consciousness, we can realize that we are each an eternal presence of awareness. Currently we are projecting our consciousness into our physical presence as humans. Although we have been aware of the spectrum of empiricism, we have not known about the consciousness that creates the material. That consciousness is us. We are the creators of this entire realm of experience, and we have the potential of being the masters of it and so much more.

Our entire lives are created in the focus of our awareness by the vibratory quality of our attention. We are constantly modulating and creating our energy signatures with our changing mental and emotional states. If we can keep our awareness of our intuitive knowing, we can live in alignment with life-enhancing experiences, independently of the negative realm of humanity. The deeper we go into our intuitive knowing, the more expansive our awareness becomes, and the greater our life experiences.

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