Realizing and Being Our Higher Selves

Because we have been living in compartmentalized conscious awareness within the energetic spectrum of humanity, we have been unaware of our higher guidance and consciousness. We designed our situation this way, so that our human experiences would be as impactful as possible. We designed a spectrum of electromagnetic waves and patterns of waves that have electric charges and magnetic polarity. We have experienced all of the polarities and charges, especially the negative ones, which is what we wanted to know about in developing deeper compassionate wisdom.

When we’re beginning to feel greater love and compassion, our awareness expands. The amplitude or intensity of our radiance increases as we open ourselves more to the flow of conscious life force from the heart of our Being. Our presence becomes more brilliant. We emit more photons.

We can take steps to progress toward Self-Realization. This is an intentional journey that confronts all of the darkness hidden in each of us. We can recognize and accept all of it with compassion, forgiveness and great love, knowing that we are all the same Being in essence. This transforms the negative polarity and charge in our minds and emotions, and we can be positive and more fulfilled in every way. Positive charges and polarities are aligned with love and compassion and visionary thoughts. These contribute to expanding conscious awareness and greater vitality.

We can be open to awareness without limits. This is what can happen in deep meditation. We transcend our personal self into the nothingness of the present moment. We can be aware that we are aware. We can rest in the heart of our Being and feel our connection with the infinite One Conscious Being. We can feel the ecstasy of the moment and the sublime joy. Our imagination jumps an octave in frequency into a realm of beauty and abundance.

We can be our Higher Selves whenever we are sufficiently motivated to make the alignment in polarity, charge and frequency. It is the change from negative, life-diminishing feelings, to positive, life-enhancing feelings and from negative to positive thoughts. This results in a change in personal orientation in all aspects of life. Everything comes into alignment with our personal vibrations.

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