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Realizing a New Dimension of Living

Although the empirical spectrum of electromagnetic wave patterns is all that humanity recognizes as the world of our reality, it is enveloped in a sea of waves and patterns of infinite expressions, all formed in the consciousness that we participate in. This consciousness envelopes everything everywhere and consists of constant creation of fractals of Self in every possible form of expression, constantly evolving into greater enhancement of all. Everything we love is getting better, and the reverse is also true. The polarity comprising our world of duality is separating into disparate dimensions, causing our way of life to change dramatically.

All aspects of our lives that have been affected by negativity are dissipating out of our experience. As the larger realm that we live in rises in positivity, we also are being drawn into awareness of the life wave flowing through our heart. It is our choice of whether we want to have this awareness. If we believe deep down in our being that we cannot have it, we must live within this limitation. But if we can open ourselves to awareness of the inspiration and infinite love of our heart, we can be in alignment with true Creator energy. This is a state of being that stimulates us to modulate unlimited life-enhancing experiences through our imagination and emotions.

If we can realize a new and more joyful reality arising in our inner knowing, we can think about and feel it in our imagination as if we are experiencing it. By being grateful for everything we experience, we align ourselves with our heart energy and open our connection with universal consciousness.

At this point, we can no longer be connected with any kind of negativity. It all destabilizes and dissolves in the presence of primal life force enhancing all life. This is what’s happening in our society. Those who have held power over others are becoming insane, and their corporations and governments are breaking down. They are departing from our experience. The banking system has controlled humanity through governments and militaries, and they are now in crisis as they dissolve, while our awareness shifts to systems that serve humanity and all life. They already exist. Our part is to recognize their vibrations and align with them. As we live in these expanding energetics, our radiance attracts the awareness of others, until we all realize a new reality that is beautiful, joyful and infinitely loving

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18 มี.ค. 2566

“By being grateful for everything we experience, we align ourselves with our heart energy and open our connection with universal consciousness.” I love this! So beautifully said! I love that we are in a space of human positive possibility, I feel it all around me. I am excited with today and the future which looks bright! I am dazzled by it! I must be in gratitude! Thank you once again for your enormous contribution to the whole! 🦋

19 มี.ค. 2566


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